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Therapy in general

The following links to off-site articles at mental health organizations provide information about therapy in general. Topics include how to decide whether therapy should be pursued, what kinds of people provide therapy, what the different kinds of therapy are, how therapy works, confidentiality and insurance issues, finding and choosing a therapist, and evaluating the effectiveness of therapy. Clicking on a link will open the article in a new window.

In the case of attraction to minors, attempts to change sexual attraction are hampered by a lack of understanding of how attraction develops in general, as well as a lack of understanding of how attraction to minors develops in particular.1 Ron Langevin of the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto writes:

There are an abundance of theories about sexual anomalies and a severe shortage of facts...the goal of understanding what we are treating and then applying treatment is not available at present.2

In addition, special care must be taken in locating a possible therapist:3

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*Will open an off-site article in a new window.