MHAM's mission

MHAMic’s mission is to find and make available reliable, credible, scientific information on the topic of male sexual attraction to underage boys.

Leading mental health and sexuality organizations do not provide such information to the public. In light of current public concern over men who interact sexually with minors, this lack of accessible information on the topic is striking. There is no information about pedophilia, hebephilia, or ephebophilia at the websites of the American Psychological Association, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), or the Kinsey Institute.

According to its website, SIECUS “provides information on all aspects of human sexuality” and helps “people of every age and background with a desperate need for clear and objective answers to their questions about sexual issues.” However, a request to SIECUS for information about attraction to minors resulted in the following response: “Thank you for contacting SIECUS. Unfortunately, we do not have any information in our library collection that addresses the issue. Did you try The Kinsey Institute?”

A similar request to the Kinsey Institute resulted in the following response: “It is true that information on this subject is very hard to find…I am sorry that we are not able to give you more information. This is indeed an understudied phenomenon, but at the present time, it is not our field of study here at the Kinsey Institute.”

A request to the American Psychological Association also failed to turn up any information, but the organization recommended we contact the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto. A forensic psychologist at the Clarke Institute produced a short list of references. The items consisted of journal articles and out-of-print books that were inaccessible to most people.

However, a search at a large university library turned up most of the materials, and led us to other useful information. Continued research and a desire to make this information accessible eventually led us to create this website.

Richard Kramer, Ph.D.
David White, B.Ed., M.A.