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Male homosexual attraction to minors

This site uses the phrase male homosexual attraction to minors to refer to feelings of sexual attraction that some men have for underage boys.

Men with such feelings vary considerably:

Few researchers have closely investigated the feelings of such men, but those who have say that their feelings for boys may resemble romantic feelings most men have for women, frequently involving feelings of affection and being "in love." 3

It is important to note that the phrase "male homosexual attraction to minors" does not necessarily indicate sexual activity with boys, but rather feelings of attraction. Men with such feelings may or may not act on them sexually. According to researchers:

However, researchers seem agreed that force or violence is rare.5

Regardless of the willingness of the boys, any type of sexual behavior between men and boys (or older and younger boys) raises important ethical issues, and any action other than celibacy is almost universally condemned by society.

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