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Criteria for inclusion of research

In light of the problems with research identified by scientists, MHAMic uses the following criteria to insure that information presented at this site is as reliable as possible:

  1. It is preferable that the article or book not rely primarily on clinical or criminal samples. If it does, the author should not generalize its findings beyond such populations.
  2. Terminology should be clearly defined, with distinctions made between pre-pubescent children and adolescents, between pedophilia and ephebophilia, and between sexual attraction (pedophilia and ephebophilia) and behavior (pedo-sexuality, ephebo-sexuality, sex offenses against minors).
  3. The article or book should not conclude causality in the absence of empirical data, comparison groups, or control for confounding factors.
  4. The study's methods and findings should be based on scientific principles or empirical evidence, rather than speculation or ideology.
  5. To ensure credibility, an article must have been published in a respected, reputable journal, and a book must have been edited or authored by a professional with credentials in psychology, sexology, or sociology.

A small number of studies that fail to meet one or two of criteria 1 - 4 have been included because they provide information not found elsewhere. In such cases, their limitations (or errors) are pointed out.

In addition, due to the nature of the following topics, items addressing them at this site do not necessarily meet criteria 1 - 4:

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