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Annotated Bibliography

Read more about the behavior of minor-attracted homosexual men. Clicking on the title will take you to more details from the article or book.

Bradford, J.M.W., Bloomberg, B.A., & Bourget, D., "The heterogeneity/homogeneity of pedophilia," Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottowa, v. 13, no. 4, pp. 217-226, 1988.

This criminological study by three University of Ottawa researchers actually examines convicted child molesters rather than a representative sample of pedophiles. It describes the sexual activities involved and who initiated them.

Ingram, M., "Participating victims: A study of sexual offenses with boys," in Constantine, L.L. & Martinson, F.M. (eds.), Children and sex: New findings, new perspectives, Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1981, pp. 177-187.

British child counselor Michael Ingram describes cases of man-boy sexual interaction that occurred with 74 prepubescent boys he saw in his practice. All but two cases involved boisterous sex play and/or affectionate interaction. The overwhelming number of incidents involved boys who participated willingly.

Sandfort, T., Boys on their contacts with men: A study of sexually expressed friendships, New York: Global Academic Publishers, 1987.

Based on his study of 25 boys who had ongoing sexual relationships with men, University of Utrecht researcher Theo Sandfort describes how the relationships began, what occurred in them (both sexual and non-sexual activities), the boys’ feelings about those activities, how the power difference operated in the relationships, and the impact of the opinions of parents and friends.

Savin-Williams, R., And Then I Became Gay: Young Men's Stories, New York: Routledge, 1998.

Based on his study of gay and bisexual youth, Cornell University psychologist Ritch Savin-Williams describes sexual relationships that some of them had with men, how the boys felt about those relationships, and the function that they seemed to serve for the boys.

Virkkunen, M., "The child as participating victim," Cook, M. & Howells, K. (eds.), Adult sexual interest in children, London: Academic Press, 1981, pp. 121-134.

Helsinki University psychiatrist Matti Virkkunen describes research findings that in many sex offenses by men against boys, the boy encouraged the sexual advance.

West, D.J. & Woodhouse, T.P., "Sexual encounters between boys and adults," in Li, C.K., West, D.J., & Woodhouse, T.P., Children’s sexual encounters with adults, London: Duckworth, pp. 3-137, 1990.

British researchers D.J. West and T.P. Woodhouse describe three studies of men who had had sexual interactions with adults when they were boys. Incidents involved willing encounters with women and men, as well as unwanted advances from men.

Wilson, G. & Cox, D., The Child-Lovers: A Study of Paedophiles in Society, London: Peter Owen Publishers, 1983.

Based on their study of 77 men who had sexual relationships with minors, British psychologists Glenn Wilson and David Cox describe the men’s feelings about these relationships. To provide a closer look at their behavior and attitudes, the authors present detailed case studies of ten of the men.

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